Collodial Defense

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Colloidal Defense

  • HN-all-natural
  • HV-vegan
  • MA-additive-free
  • MG-gluten-free
  • OS-soy-free
  • PY-yeast-free
  • QH-non-gmo

Colloidal Silver is very popular among the health conscious. Why? Simply because it works! Colloidal Defense is a highly effective product that combines gold, silver, and silica into a unique combination. Traditional colloidal silver products depend solely on the antimicrobial properties of silver. These products typically rely on significant levels of silver for effectiveness. The problem here is that too much silver is toxic to the body.

Colloidal Defense uses relatively small amounts of gold and silver because we find the specific combination is more effective than high amounts of silver alone. Gold will potentiate the effect of silver. Silica stabilizes the electromagnetic frequency created by this combination. It is this frequency that stimulates the immune system.†

The addition of gold and silica has a dramatic effect which enhances and expands the properties of the silver. Gold helps strengthen immune function and helps optimize DNA potential while silica carries specific harmonic frequencies for optimal cellular protection from foreign organisms.† These elements, when combined with silver, require less than 10ppm to create a specific electromagnetic frequency that stimulates the immune system to produce T-CELLS, the body's first line of defense.†

Supplement Facts - Colloidal Defense

Colloidal Defense Label

Other Ingredients: Distilled water, colloidal silica.

Colloidal Defense is made from pure 99.99% gold and silver. Colloidal silica is pharmaceutical grade. It is also safe for children of all ages.

Colloidal Defense is completely non-toxic and safe for even small children.

Suggested Use - Colloidal Defense

Instructions for Use: Consume 1 dropper directly into the mouth. Best taken at bedtime. Do not take within one hour of eating food, or within one hour of taking other health products (okay to take with other Harmonic Innerprizes colloidal formulas). Always consume at times of relaxation.

For more acute conditions, or at the onset of illness such as a cold, 2 droppers, 2-3 times per day may be appropriate for a period of time. Once symptoms subside, reduce dosage until condition ends.

Children: 1/2 adult dosage.

Topical Use: Excellent for skin irritations and eruptions caused by toxicity from within. Safe for applications with eyes and ears. Put contents of dropper on cotton and apply to affected skin. Repeat every three or four hours until improvement is noticed.

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