Head to Toe Food Grade Bentonite Clay

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16oz Head to Toe Food Grade Bentonite Clay

Head to Toe Products are made with the highest quality, U.S lab-tested and collected Calcium Bentonite Clay. Our clay deposit was formed about 43 million years ago. The clay is made up of over 70 trace minerals that have been naturally protected under a prehistoric dried lake bed. This is some of the finest clay you can find, thanks to Mother-Earth. We use this clay make the best all natural products known to human kind!

Calcium Bentonite Clay

is capable of absorbing and capturing toxins in the body. It comes from an ancient volcanic ash deposit protected by a dried pre-historic lake bed. We collect our clay from a single source deposit located in the western deserts of the USA. It not only has powerful cleansing properties, it also balances, detoxes, stimulates and alkalizes the body.

• In a blender: put 4 cups of water and add ½ of cup of Detox Powder Clay
Blend on high for 30 seconds
Pour into a quart glass or food grade plastic bottle with a plastic lid
• Keep on Kitchen Cabinet and take the amount for your needs
The protocol most frequently suggested by practitioners is:
• Drink 2 oz. of liquid clay 3 times a day for 21 days, preferably on an empty stomach if you
want the best cleansing effects.
• After 21 days find your maintenance level.
• After the initial cleanse the clay may be taken any time with or without food. One size does
not fit all.
If you have serious digestive issues you can gradually increase your amounts up to as much
8 oz 3 times a day if needed. Always consult professional medical advice for specific
A clean, properly functioning digestive tract is paramount to our well-being. For internal
cleansing and daily detoxing, take clay daily. Doing so will get your intestines clean and keep
them that way.
It is important to take it in a liquid form rather than in a tablet or capsule. In a liquid or fully
hydrated form, it is activated and ready to work immediately. Liquified Calcium Bentonite may
be purchased or made from the clay powder. Clay begins working in the mouth and the life force
energy of the clay will resonate with all the cells of the body immediately.
By taking it in capsule or pill form, you negate the benefits to the mouth, gums and esophagus.
In addition, it will take fluids from the body to fully hydrate.
In a blender add 3 cups of water to 1 generous cup of clay. It will make three cups.
Blend on high 30 seconds. Be sure to wash the metal blades soon after mixing.
Pour into an airtight food grade plastic or glass container with a plastic lid.
Allow the mix to stand for 15 minutes with lid slightly loosened to vent and allow for
Use for topical applications.

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