Nelson Mandela

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Combining the exciting style of manga graphics with biography, history, and science, these dynamic accounts of great leaders are accessible and entertaining to today's children, as well as educational—each story is accompanied by a time line that puts the story's events in historical perspective. Visually stunning, this series is a beautiful illustration of important people and events, sure to hook young readers on history and the written word. Manga, one of the fastest growing segments of children's literature, is incredibly popular amongst school-age children and lends itself exceptionally well to the vivid stories in this series.
Nelson Mandela's heroic struggle to end apartheid in South Africa is treated as a true-life fairy tale in this colorful depiction of his orphaned childhood, his founding of the African National Congress, his imprisonment for 27 years on Robben Island, his triumphant ascent to the presidency of post-apartheid South Africa, and his 1994 acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize.
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