Sundial African Manback Tonic

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Sundial Traditional African Man Back Tonic

Made from a combination of roots and barks from Ghana West Africa, where this formula is traditionally used for all weaknesses in male reproductive system, spine, nerves and as a treatment for impotence. So if you are not functioning up to par, lacking strength and stamina, remember the strength of the reproductive organs, reflects the strength of the entire body. Take SUNDIAL AFRICAN MANBACK TONIC to strengthen, rejuvinate, energize and help bring the reproductive organs back to their natural state of good health. Celebrate your culture and heritage with products compatible with our biological make up. Sundial African Manback tonic everytime!!!

Ingredients: Strong Back root, Mahogany Bark, Strong Back Herb, Medina, Ginger, Alligator Pepper

2 ounces Daily

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