The FlatBelly Tea 16 oz

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The Flat Belly Tea 16 oz

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The flat belly tea
. Tea Energizes you
. Tea gets rid of bloatness
. Tea rids body of toxins
. Tea makes your body feels lighter
. Tea boosts metabolism
. Tea strengthens your colon
. Tea keeps you regular
. Tea is perfect for IBS and other digestive issues
. Tea is gluten free , has no gmo’s 100% organic
. Tea helps to flatten your belly
. Sugar free , caffein free , 0 carbs , 0 calories

100% Organic Herbal supplement made from Dandelion & Senna

Each bottle last for 1 week or 2 weeks .Drink 6 oz every 3 days or as needed , meaning every other day or anytime you are unable to go . If it’s working too good decrease your dosage to 4oz . Made from 100% organic senna & dandelion . Our tea strengthens your colon and keeps you regular.

Our tea is extremely popular and extremely high in demand .

We recommended you start with 6oz for your first time drinking supplement . If 6oz dosage works too good you may decrease to 4oz . This product should be kept refrigerated at all times. Always contact your physician before taking a new supplement.

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