The Sex Imperative

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The Sex Imperative details the origin, historical progression and essence of european sexual insanity. It is a discussion which particularly focuses on this thought and behavior as it has been assimilated and is being practiced by Afrikans who are participating in european culture, as if it is their own. The peculiarities and extremes of european sexual thought and behavior are revealed for what they are, as well as their extent within the european community and the noneuropean world, as europeans and their culture invade and contaminate it. europeans have become the model from which we are defining and allowing our and our children’s sexual being to be defined. We once considered ourselves superior moral beings, especially as sexually defined in comparison to europeans. This has changed as we have become more and more assimilated and subintegrated into european culture. If we are to follow the moral traditions of our Ancestors, and not that of another’s, then we must rethink our submission to european sexual insanity because we fear rejection or persecution. To be unwilling or afraid to define and model sexual morality for our children because it may make them different from the european norm, and therefore make their lives more difficult, is for Afrikans to react out of fear. Morality, like fear, is a group, not individual, definition and state. And europeans are the group by which we are defining our children’s sexual morality. This book is a discussion of both the european sexual way and the appropriate Afrikan response.

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