Tulasi Moon Incense Box - 6 packs

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Tulasi Moon Incense Box

6 Packs, 20 sticks each pack, 120 sticks total

Enhance the atmosphere of any home with these Tulasi Moon Incense Sticks. Tulasi Incense Sticks are well known for having a good defined fragrance.

Tulasi Incense Sticks come in a huge variety of fragrances in a wide array of individually designed boxes. Tulasi have a reputation of producing incense sticks that are fantastic quality and are one of the finest incense stick manufacturers from India.

To bring any room to life with the amazing aromas of these incense sticks, just light the end of the Tulasi Incense Stick. Once the end glows, blow out the flame and place in one of many Incense Holders.

To get the most enjoyment from incense sticks it is advised that they are used with incense holders. Aargee also stock a wide selection of incense holders specifically designed for use with incense sticks.

The delightful aroma of this Moon blend is mild and cooling. It’s ideal for relaxing any frayed nerves, leaving you in your own tranquil den of calm.

  • Tulasi Incense Sticks
  • Hand rolled in India
  • Each pack contains 20 Incense Sticks
  • Use with an incense holder for best results
  • Approx burn time: 40 minutes
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